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From graphic design, to photography, to illustrative work, I have worked on a variety of projects and built up a skillset that is adaptable to your projects needs. Please take a look around at some of my work.

Oy with the Poodles.jpeg

Full Portfolio

This contains the full selection of my work, including graphic design, illustrations, typography, and photography. To look at a specific section, continue scrolling.

Graphic Design

This is a collection of my graphic design work. It includes spread layout designs, museum exhibition designs, publication designs, and more.

The History of Graphic Design Book
EPUB Project.jpg

This is a collection of my illustration work. It includes a few series of illustrations, an illustrated children's book, and more.



This is a collection of my typography work. It includes book cover designs, publication designs, an original typeface, and more.

Image 2.jpg


This is a collection of my photography work. It includes a black and white portrait series and a creative photography series.

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